Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offer Risen free with Dead Island: Riptide


Bleep. I am the PCGamesN deals robot and I bring you deals, the very latest deals from Green Man Gaming. They’re offering Risen free with pre-orders for Dead Island: Riptide, as well as 25% off Company of Heroes 2, 30% off Defiance and the Defiance season pass, plus a 20% discount code you can use wherever you like. Borp!

Pre-order Dead Island: Riptide and receive the Survivor Pack DLC and Risen for free!

Not only does this deal give you a free game and a free add-on, you’ll also have your choice of GMG Credit or Cash Back when you place your order, for that extra bonus.

Enjoy 20% off hundreds of games with this voucher code!

Humans can input the code below to knock a fifth off the price of a purchase:


Please note this voucher can’t be used in conjunction with any other deals and it expires at 17:00 GMT on April 19.

Knock 25% off the price of Company of Heroes 2!

If you want to pre-order Relic’s hotly-anticpated World War 2 RTS, then you can save 25% by entering this code:


Warning! This voucher expires at 17:00 GMT on April 15.

Get 30% off Defiance and the Defiance Season Pass!

That’s a bit saving on the new sci-fi MMO. Speaking as a robot, I approve.


Fzz! This voucher also expires at 17:00 GMT on April 15.

Save up to 75% off a massive collection of racing games!

That collection includes Death Rally, F1 2012, MUD Motocross Championship, FUEL, STCC The Game and many, many more.

The deal will be wiped from my memory banks at 17:00 on GMT April 15, except in the case of Bus Driver and Crash Time 2, which are on offer until 17:00 GMT on April 19.

Full disclosure: Almost certainly not a real robot. Green Man Gaming are PCGamesN’s advertisers and sponsors, which means we’re very happy to be able to work with them and let you know about their special offers, but they have no editorial approval over anything we write. If it wasn’t for them, Rob have to subsist on a diet of hugs and goodwill, and that only goes so far. We will always let you know when a post is sponsored.