Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offering new pre-order deals, 20% off download titles


The new year is an opportunity for new discounts, and Green Man Gaming have a quartet of special offers running from today until Monday on forthcoming games. They’ve also provided us with a voucher code that will slice 20% from the price of PC download titles.

Full disclosure: Green Man Gaming are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN. There’s more about what that means below.

Shall we start with that voucher code? Right then! All you need to do to save money on your purchases is enter this code:


The code is valid for PC download games only and a few titles may be excluded. It expires at 12:00 GMT on 11/01/13 and it can’t be used in conjunction with other voucher codes.

The code will be for all the pre-purchase titles that GMG have on offer over the next few days, and will still entitle you to GMG credit and cash back. What titles are those? They are…


Aliens Colonial Marines – Also gives you £1 (€1/$2) cash back or £2 (€2/$3) GMG Credit.


Dead Space 3 Limited Edition – Comes with £1 (€1/$1) Cash Back or £2 (€2/$2) GMG Credit.


Crysis 3 Hunter Edition – Again, includes £1 (€1/$1) Cash Back or £2 (€2/$2) GMG Credit.

The same code also applies to these games, too. Again, it gives you wo% off and the option of £1 Cash Back or £2 GMG Credit:

Devil May Cry
Tomb Raider
Company of Heroes 2
Dead Island Riptide
South Park: The Stick of Truth
SimCity: Limited Edition
Omerta City of Gangsters
Rush Bros
Metro: Last Light

That disclosure in full: GMG are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN. We are very happy to be working with them and they let us know about new deals and special offers, but they don’t have editorial approval over anything that we write. If it wasn’t for them, Jeremy would never have been able to afford to cut his hair, clip his nails or shave his face. Just imagine how that would look.