JJ Abrams teams with Shadow Complex dev on espionage strategy Spyjinx, uses Unreal Engine


Aside from making a film about some sort of Force waking up, JJ Abrams is also dipping his talented toes into videogames. The Hollywood director’s company Bad Robot is joining forces with Infinity Blade and Shadow Complex developer Chair to make a newly announced strategy game revolving around espionage antics. Meet Spyjinx.

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OK, so you can’t really ‘meet’ Spyjinx. The mysterious project, which is coming to PC and a number of other platforms, has only just been announced via this video:

Here’s a snippet from the game’s website:

“Powered by Unreal Engine 4, SPYJINX is a unique mix of action strategy gameplay, dynamic world building and RPG character development – all set in a thrilling, treacherous world of espionage.”

The use of Unreal suggests Epic Games may be helping in the development of the delightfully titled strategy effort. Whether they’re involved or not, Chair’s Donald Mustard says Spyjinx’s beta, which launches at some point in 2016, will greatly shape the game. “One of our primary goals in developing Spyjinx is to make really complicated systems seem very simple, so players have rulesets and tools that we can then give to them and let them shape and play in their own dynamic world,” he said. “The beta is a huge part of that.”

Now, normally games that Hollywood helps collaborate on are a load of old cobblers, but I’m willing to give Spyjinx the benefit of the doubt for the time being. I REALLY like puns.

You can sign up for the Spyjinx beta now.