Squad’s first free weekend is underway now, is yours to keep for half price


Squad is a large-scale (50 vs 50) multiplayer shooter that aims to capture the essence of realistic modern warfare. It’s on Steam Early Access now, and has just kicked off its first-ever free weekend.

Team up with teammates and team-kill the enemy team in the best multiplayer – or team – games on PC.

Squad is a spiritual successor to the acclaimed Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2, made by Canadian indie studio Offworld Industries, who grew out of the Project Reality team. It features vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, large-scale environments, base building, and positional voice audio for proximity talking and radio.

Fans of authentic modern warfare sims like Arma should already be aware of it, but if you aren’t, you’ll be excited to learn that Squad is free to play now and will remain so until Sunday, November 13th at 1pm Pacific, or 9pm UK time. The half-price discount lasts longer, ending on Monday at 10am Pacific, or 5pm in the UK.

Offworld also promise “a stack of surprises on the horizon. If you look closely and pay attention, you might just spot a few things already hiding in plain sight.”

Here’s Squad’s Steam page if you’d like to jump in. If you enjoy yourself, half off means you can keep it for £14.99 UK or $19.99 US.