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Squad update extends maps, nerfs bunnyhopping

Squad Chora map

Early access tactical shooter Squad has updated to alpha version 5.0, bringing a mess hall full of quality of life upgrades for players.

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The upgrades in the patch, which went live earlier this week, range from extending areas of certain maps like Chora (above) to improving the UI and gun optics view.

As well as several bug fixes and pretty-making efforts, developers Offworld have also revisited the stamina system to allow multiple wall vaults in succession without lengthy pauses to allow stamina to rebuild.

Their solution is to reduce the height and length of successive jumps up to four in a row, to continue to discourage bunnyhoppers from run-and-gunning their way through a more tactical, military simulator genre of shooter.

There are many more fixes, alterations and updates on what’s planned for the next month of work included in the update post which you can read here.

The 50v50 multiplayer is set to include vehicular combat, however a series of code rewrites and netcode issues have delayed their implementation since before Squad’s entry into Early Access.

Squad has around 150,000 players after a December release saw 20,000 units shipped in a single day.