Square Enix Collective’s pilot phase ends on Monday; vote for your favourite pitch

Square Enix Collective's pilot phase ends Monday

Square Enix Collective’s pilot phase – where you can vote for (or against) one of three game pitches – ends this coming Monday. So if you haven’t already voted, now’s your chance. 

World War Machine, Moon Hunters and Game of Glens are the titles available for your consideration. New submissions will open in March, with any developer able to pitch a project. Pitches that pass the submission criteria will be posted on the Collective in batches every Monday from then on. 

Pitches that get enough community support will be offered the chance to partner with Square Enix through their crowd-funding page on Indiegogo. Square Enix’s role in all of this – because they won’t be footing the bill – will be to drive awareness of the campaign.

Out of the three games currently under consideration, Game of Glens seems to the be the most fully formed. Developed by Crackdown 2 developer, Ruffian Games, players will be able to lead Scottish clans against each other as they assault towers and launch flaming cows at their foes. That’s pretty much all we do up here.

It’s gained the least support throughout the campaign, though, with 61 percent of votes saying no to the pitch. Moon Hunters, a procedurally generated 1-4 player open world exploration game, described by the developer as “Starbound by way of Zelda”, is considerably more popular with 83 percent of its votes saying yes. The most popular, however, appears to be World War Machine, an action RPG set in a procedurally generated, post-human world where you fight as highly-customisable machines.

Anything catching your eye?