Square Enix has a Christmas surprise for you

Square Enix offers a surprise Christmas box

Square Enix has taken on the mantle of Santa this year, dropping presents on top of good boys and girls for a small fee – Santa can be capitalist. The present in question is a surprise Christmas box, which you can grab for £4.99, but it won’t open until December 20. When you finally unwrap your digital gift, you’ll discover what Santa Enix has left for you.

Whatever pops out of the box, it’ll certainly be worth more than £4.99. The jolly publisher is cramming its containers with four Steam codes worth over £50. The whole thing sounds absolutely lovely, since I know exactly what I’m getting for Christmas this year (it’s all boring adult stuff like comics), so a surprise would be welcome.

In the true spirit of Christmas, all the codes are giftable, so if you’ve already got the games you can just give them to a poor wee orphan (with a PC and Steam account) or whoever you want. With Final Fantasy VIII recently appearing on Steam, I’m hoping to find that in my imaginary box.