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A Qatari royal spent $250,000+ to get his Steam account to level 4,000

One Steam user has spent a lot of time and money getting their Steam account all the way to level 4,000

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The average Steam profile level in the PCGamesN office looks to be somewhere in the low teens. For many, the platform’s levelling system is one that’s largely ignored, and mine is only as high as it is because I got bored one afternoon at university and spent some time clearing out my inventory. For one Steam user, however, a combination of XP farming and an awful lot of money means that they’ve become the first person to reach level 4,000 on Valve’s platform.

That ‘milestone’ has been reached by a Steam user who goes by St4ck. At the time of writing, they’re level 4,035, with a library of nearly 5,000 games and more than 6,000 badges in their collection.

Earning that much XP requires a lot of trading cards, and getting hold of a lot of trading cards means buying a lot of games. Thankfully for him, St4ck has an awful lot of money at his disposal – he’s thought to be a member of the Qatari royal family, and his private instagram is full of pictures of his exotic pets and garage full of supercars.

It’s not really possible to pin down exactly how much St4ck has spent on Steam, as it’s possible to earn trading card XP from events like the summer sale, but some estimates put his total expenditure at around US$250,000 (£193,911).

It’s worth pointing out that this process is likely pretty time-consuming. Even selling off a bunch of my trading cards for the benefit of my Artifact deck took longer than I was happy with, and that only offered a net gain of about a fiver. Keeping tabs on every sale and going through your inventory with the kind of fine-tooth comb that this feat requires must take an awfully long time. And all that for a number that means nothing in the real world.

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Despite all that, however, St4ck still makes time to actually play at least a couple of the games in his library. He currently boasts more than 6,500 hours in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as more than 2,000 hours in H1Z1.