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Stab a shark, build a house, just an average day in FarSky


I can’t imagine it’s easy being a little fish. You swim in your own filth, you’re always damp, if bigger fish aren’t trying to eat you then people are, even though you taste pretty horrible most of the time. Fish must now suffer yet another indignity: being stabbed in the face by a lost submariner. 

In FarSky, you’re the villainous submariner, stabbing all the fish and using their kingdom to build your own underwater home. But you’ve crashed your sub and you’re stuck there, so it’s not totally your fault. Unless you were drink driving diving.

To get to the surface, you must first go deeper into the ocean. It sounds like a useless parable, but it’s in the depths where you’ll find more submarine parts, presumably.

Some of those buildings look a bit flash for underwater abodes built in a crunch, don’t they? Doesn’t seem so bad, being stuck underwater. Not when you can craft your own furniture, hunt for food, and build tools, maybe even a knife that kills fish more effectively. Screw getting back to the surface. It’s rubbish up there.

FarSky is coming to Steam on April 25th.