STALKER 2 will support mods “on day one”

GSC Gameworlds says it's committed to supporting mods in STALKER 2 the day it launches

If you’re a long-time fan of the series, you’ll know that STALKER mods have been key to keeping the franchise alive for so long. Developer GSC Gameworlds, which just revealed the first real STALKER 2 trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase, says STALKER 2 will include mod support from the day it launches.

In an FAQ published shortly after the debut of the STALKER 2 trailer, the developer provides a few new details about the game. Yes, that really is the titular Stalker looking back at the camera in the final shot, and yes, that’s a new anomaly you probably spotted – but we’ll find out more about those later, it seems.

As to mods, GSC says: “We’re fully committed to make modding as simple as possible on day one”. That’s the extent of the statement on mods, but it’s a good one: mods won’t just be possible, but it seems likely that modders will have all the tools they need to create new content for the game right from the start.

Here’s that spooky trailer again:

YouTube Thumbnail

Fortunately, we won’t need a graphics overhaul mod like STALKER Complete 2009 for STALKER 2 right away – the FAQ says it features Unreal Engine-powered visuals with motion capture for both bodies and facial animations, as well as photogrammetry for textures.

The game takes place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, naturally, and it’ll feature both new locations and a few you’ll recognise from earlier games in the series.

“We’re pretty excited about all the new stuff we are adding to the game, and we hope you’ll love it too,” GSC writes.

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