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STALKER 2 ultimate edition gets more expensive “during uneasy times”

Developer GSC Game World announces the STALKER 2 ultimate edition will get more expensive to maintain quality of the collectors items for the horror FPS game.

STALKER 2 ultimate edition - a figurine of a person wearing a gas mask and hood, holding a cyan orb

With the STALKER 2 release date pencilled in for the end of 2023, developer GSC Game World announces that the STALKER 2 ultimate edition price will raise slightly in the coming weeks “to keep the quality at the desired level during these uneasy times.” The much-anticipated horror FPS game sequel has been heavily impacted by numerous factors, including the relocation of its developers following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

GSC Game World, which was previously based in Ukraine, relocated to Prague following the invasion, resuming development of the game in May 2022. Alongside this, material and manufacturing costs have increased in many countries, leading to numerous product price rises. It appears the STALKER 2 ultimate edition is now among these.

“Stalkers, it’s time to talk about the most valuable thing in the Zone – the Habar itself,” reads a series of tweets from the official STALKER account. It showcases the figurine that players can expect as part of the game’s fancy ultimate edition, which features a figure in gas mask and hood holding a glimmering cyan orb and comes alongside “an artifact lamp, a map, a backpack, and other neat stuff.”

The team explains, “To keep the quality of all the collectible items at the desired level during these uneasy times, unfortunately, we have to raise the price of the STALKER 2 ultimate edition from $339 to £379 (or the equivalent in the local currency).” It says that this price change will take effect from February 21, and that it will only affect the top-tier ultimate edition, saying, “We still managed to keep the prices of the other editions on the same level.”

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