West Games takes a stand against Kim Jong Un: STALKER Apocalypse dev lifts lid on horrifying fictional atrocities

STALKER Apocalypse West Games Areal North Korea

West Games, the development team working on STALKER Apocalypse, are pretty annoyed that Sony gave in to North Korean hackers and pulled Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview from release. They’re so annoyed that they’re making a stand right now and publishing the Stalker Apocalypse back story for North Korea. 

“We aren’t afraid of them,” say West Games in a press release, referring to the nefarious North Korean hackers who will almost certainly focus their next attack on a currently unfunded game.  

“As part of our newly announced Stalker Community initiative, we planned on doing a series of stories about how Stalkers survived around the world, and one of those episodes was set in North Korea. Now, since looking at the current situation of Sony mistakenly pulling “the Interview” from theaters because of North Korean hackers, we have decided to publish our story about the apocalypse in North Korea ahead of schedule,” explains the release. This is, of course, a brave and bold move in the face of a global hacking power as significant as North Korea.

“The fact that Sony succumbed to the demands of these hackers sets a very dangerous precedent for the film industry and the entertainment industry as a whole,” continues the statement. “We refuse to let North Korean hackers think that they can get away with these types of things, so we are standing up and publishing this story right now. The fact is that Stalker Apocalypse as a game is already controversial, and we’ve had our fair share of people trying to hack our websites, but we aren’t afraid of them, and the entertainment industry shouldn’t be either.”

If you’re really interested in what North Korea’s part is in the background of STALKER Apocalypse’s world, then you can read it all at their World Wide Funding update page. To save you time though we’ll give you the basics: Kim Jong Un turns a bunch of people into mind-controlled zombies, people get mad and kill him.

Also joining the North Korea country profile are some rather eye-catching pieces of art, which are apparently were used by survivors against the North Korean Regime.