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Star Citizen $20m stretch goal sees first-person combat added to select planets


Star Citizen is well on its way to getting all the money the internet has. It’s already been crowdfunded to the tune of $18 million but developer Roberts Space Industries are confident they can get more. As such they’ve published a new stretch goal. If they manage to raise $20 million then they will add first-person combat to some of the game’s planets.

First-person combat was already due to be in the game: when you board an enemy ship or walk around a space station. This stretch goal would extend the instances of when you’d be able to use it, it would now include “lawless planets”.

One of the landing stations currently in the works is Terra Firma. RSI released a short video of someone walking about the place which gives a good idea of what we can expect from the final release (which is still set for late 2014):

Backers unlocked an exclusive star system for reaching $18 million. While other players can visit the system, only backers are able to start the game there.

The $20 million stretch goal is the penultimate target. At $21 million RSI plan on change the style of their stretch goals.

Read more about it here.

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