Star Citizen hangar video reveals unseen ships, mind-boggling detail


Star Citizen is astonishingly detailed. Trying to think about it is like trying to visualise all of space. It’s impossible; you just have to look at it and accept its beauty was crafted by fingers more skilled than you could ever hope to be (unless you are that skilled, in which case well done). YouTuber, Star Citizen explorer and Glaswegian Scott Manley has been looking at the now-playable Hangar for Star Citizen and revealing just how incredible the game is. 

The fifteen minute tour is full of different ships from numerous manufacturers, with various trim levels ranging from beaten-up second hand to top-of-the-range luxury cruisers with leather seating. And it’s not all talk and brochure small print; just check out the incredible leather textures and gleaming paint jobs. See how the boarding steps sleekly eject from the side of the ship, unfolding for your arrival.

Inside, you’ll find that every switch, light and button are raised elements on the cockpit controls, not textures there to trick you. Switches throughout the ship do everything from opening doors to deploying tables, and there’s even a functioning toilet that you can sit down on and ponder life’s mysteries. The ambition here is breathtaking, and the ships haven’t even left the ground yet.

Of course Star Citizen is barely finished yet, so you’ll find the footage riddled with bugs and glitches, like unfinished motion capture and an upgrades system that dumps missiles in your pilot’s sleeping quarters. Thankfully there’s still 18 months until the game’s final release. I can’t begin to imagine what that beautiful future will look like.