Star Citizen hits $5 million in funding; Chris Roberts celebrates by pottering about 3D space station


Star Citizen’s initial Kickstarter goal is beginning to look less modest, more completely absurd. Perched here on our future space-recliners, we laugh at the Chris Roberts of three weeks ago. Look at him running about there, with his tiny plans.

Eight hours remain on the clock, but Star Citizen has already been made real by early footage of one of the game’s stations, which you can see below. And there are stretch goals left yet.

$5 million brings promise of an accompanying tablet application, increased community updates and “town hall meetings” with Roberts. And there’s this spaceport, which you’ll remember as concept art. It shares an air or lack thereof with Freelancer, only with the uninhibited exploration we always suspected the future might hold:

“Check out how cool it is to walk around it!”, notes Roberts. “Please note the fidelity of the environment and buildings is MUCH lower than what it will be in the actual game and a lot of the background city environment is missing.”

And beyond $5 mil? There’s new ship the Bengal carrier and motion capture readied for $5.5 mil, while $6 mil will see an expanded universe, full orchestral score and free expansion for backers.

But, y’know. Eight hours. Watch men with laptops in the end-of-campaign livestream here. Have you backed them yet? Have you got their backs?