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Star Citizen video explains how economy creates missions. Also, pirates


Chris Roberts wants the economy to be Star Citizen’s beating heart. It will dynamically create missions for players, asking them to transport goods between planets or defend trade routes from AI pirates.

It’s all soundsvery nifty while explained by Roberts in his new video. Still no in-game footage, though.

So, weapon factories that require goods will post to job boards automatically, creating missions for players on the fly. And, if there are no players to take the jobs then NPC traders will do the jobs for them. Though, these NPC traders will be under threat from NPC pirates and it will be up to the players to defend them. It’s extremely cool that Roberts Space Industries are aiming for this dependency system because it will mean, if they pull it off, that there will always be missions to take on, tasks to accomplish, and ways to interact with the game’s universe.

It’s the real economy at the centre of Eve that makes that game so compelling. It drives all the game’s action, dictating what players need to be doing from moment to moment. Essentially, it boils down to a good deal of haulage. The future is a trucker’s dream. Though with more pirates and space lasers.

We still haven’t seen Star Citizen in action so all this talk could be hogwash but it’s certainly exciting hogwash.