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Star Citizen crosses $300 million in funds raised

A premium ship pack caused a surge in funding

Over half a decade since the original Kickstarter, and Star Citizen is still raking in the cash. As of now, the space-trading simulator has raised over $300 million from its over two-and-a-half million strong player-base.

Most of this money is coming from the in-game economy, where space citizens are buying expensive spacecraft to make their journeying and trading smoother. The list of available ships is updated regularly, and the mid-range, if you’re looking for something that isn’t the cheapest, but don’t want to be too irresponsible, is in the $200-$350 range or so. You can dip into the thousands if you want, but you’ll need to be quick as generally these only unlock for certain events.

A recent pack of ships, the Drake Complete Pack 2950 containing 14 new vessels, went on sale for $4,600, contributing to a surge that brought Cloud Imperium Games over the $300 million line, only months after it crossed the $250 million threshold. A breakdown from AltChar shows at one point, over a million dollars was coming in per day. Players were very eager to have the freshest Drake squadron going, it seems.

Cloud Imperium is putting the money to good use, getting an A-list cast together for Squadron 42, the single-player campaign set in the Star Citizen universe. According to Cloud Imperium’s roadmap, Squadron 42 is to go into beta the third quarter of this year.

In any case, you can visit the official site for more, or check out the best space games if you’re looking to explore the stars otherwise.