Star Citizen’s annual two-week free fly event and ship expo begins today

You can try out all of Star Citizen's 100+ ships during the two-week International Aerospace Expo

Star Citizen’s annual International Aerospace Expo kicks off today, which means anyone can download, log in, and fly around in all of the space game’s ships over the next two weeks. There are now more than 100 ships to try out, and it’s as good a time as any to drop in and see how Star Citizen is getting on these days.

This year’s expo is notable for a few reasons: first, it’s being held for the first time in the purpose-built New Babbage Tobin Expo Centre, which is where you’ll be able to check out all the latest designs from Star Citizen’s various ship manufacturers. This year’s expo will be the debut event for new Crusader Mercury Star Runner, which will be available in the test fly program for the first time ever. It’s a fast and well-armed courier vessel that has premium looks and room for a crew.

This year’s IAE runs from today through December 2, with free-fly activities kicking off at 14:00 PST / 17:00 EST / 22:00 GMT. The ‘best in show’ ship awards will begin November 29, and each day, in-universe journalist Jax McCleary will be broadcasting updates from the expo floor.

You can download Star Citizen by heading to the Roberts Space Industries website and signing up. There’s a handy new welcome hub and a detailed guides system in place now to help get you oriented if this is your first visit to the ‘verse, or if you just need to brush up on some of the finer details.