Star Citizen is a free game for the next seven days

Cloud Imperium Games' multiplayer space game Star Citizen is free for the entire week to mark the start of Invictus Launch Week 2953.

Star Citizen Invitus Launch Week starships

Today marks the beginning of the week-long Star Citizen sale allowing new players to experience it as a free PC game. Cloud Imperium Games has marked Star Citizen down to the low, low price of zero to kick off the Invictus Launch Week 2953, an event allowing players to experience various new ships and vehicles for a limited time.

This year’s annual Invictus Launch Week event offers players a few different opportunities. They can play for free, enjoy an enhanced new-player experience, and then witness manufacturers as they show off their unique vehicle designs. The new-player experience is set to teach Star Citizen newcomers with more basic tutorials so that they learn what they need “to survive in and explore the ‘verse.”

The Invictus Launch Week’s expo debuts will include brand-new ships, from the Miray Fury and Fury MX, and new ground vehicles such as the Tumbril and The Lynx Rover. Both the free copy of Star Citizen and other event-related fun are set to last until May 30 at approximately 5pm PST/ 8pm EST / 1am BST / 2am CEST.

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Invictus Launch Week 2953 is set to take place on planet ArcCorp, with the events themselves occurring within Area18, one of the primary commercial ports in-game. The developers are encouraging players to start at Area18, stating that it would allow them “to take advantage of the improved new-player experience” while “teaching them some of the basics of navigating on foot and in the skies, before following the in-game directions to the expo center.”

Other highlights include the ability for players to test fly any military vehicle for free and tour the most powerful warships in the ‘verse, such as the massive Aegis Javelin. Any veteran pilots from Star Citizen are encouraged by the team to take full advantage during Invictus Launch Week by sharing their referral codes for bonus currency.

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