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Mark Hamill jumped at the chance to work with Chris Roberts again for Star Citizen


Mark Hamill enjoyed recording Wing Commander’s FMV scenes so much that he jumped at the chance to work with Chris Roberts again for Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 single-player campaign. 

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“I never expected to do this again with Chris specifically, but I had such a great time the first time around,” Hamill told PCGamer. “When he asked, I didn’t need to see the script. I said ‘count me in!’ Of course my agent said, ‘you didn’t tell him that, did you? Play hard to get for God’s sake!’”

Hamill takes the role of the player’s mentor in Squadron 42, Lt. Commander Steve ‘Old Man’ Colton, an experienced pilot who barks orders at you and guides you through the game’s scenarios.

“He’s a blunt guy, a lifer,” Hamill explained. “They say he doesn’t teach people as much as hammer them into shape, but he’s a true believer in the cause. My father was in the Navy, I knew a lot of guys like this – lifers – no-nonsense guys. Sometimes resentful of the more educated college boys.”

Speaking of the motion capture techniques being deployed for the game, Hamill said, “It’s very equalising to see everyone dressed exactly the same way – it doesn’t matter if you’re a principal player or a background artist. You spend a lifetime on movie sets, doing television and what-not, and you think you know something. Here you’re going back and learning it all over again.”

Part of that learning experience seems to be what drew Hamill to the project after having such a great time with Wing Commander.

“This one has its own feel,” Hamill explained. “It’s still as much fun, but what was cutting-edge a couple of decades ago probably looks antiquated to modern-day game players. [Chris Roberts is] right on the edge again with this one.”

You can read the full interview at PCGamer.

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