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“My ship isn’t flyable yet!” - Star Citizen dev responds to a dozen community concerns

A screenshot of Star Citizen's FPS module

Star Citizen isn’t finished. And it’s huge. And it’s composed of many different parts. And so its giant community of enthusiastic backers is, as you’d expect with any game of this magnitude, riddled with concerns, complaints, issues and quibbles about the game’s development.

So numerous and varied are the players’ recent litany of problems, that Cloud Imperium Games’ Ben Lesnick has taken to the forums to address a whole host of them in considerable detail.

In the forum post, titled “Some thoughts on concerns!”, Lesnick addressed no fewer than 13 different questions raised in the last week.

Why are sales down? Why aren’t CIG focusing on the bit of the game I want them to? Why is Chris Roberts arsing about in a motion-capture studio like a massive wally? Why can’t I fly the expensive ship that I bought last year? All of these questions, and more, are answered.

Addressing the complaint that development on Star Marine, the game’s first person component, is a Call of Duty-aping diversion from the real thrust of the spacefaring game players want, Lesnick says, “the important thing that I want to point out here is that Star Marine isn’t an aside in any way, it’s an essential part of Star Citizen, something the rest of the game must have.

“We aren’t making a giant first person shooter, but we’re making a game that needs that technology in order to work. Star Marine is the blood and sinew of the game, the connective tissue that plugs planetside into boarding into space combat and so on.”

He goes on to tackle what he says are misconceptions about Cloud Imperium spending too much time polishing the game, as well as the studio’s focus on “concept sales”, feature creep and the many premium ships that are still stuck inside the glorified showrooms of backers.

Take a look at the full post over on the forums to see a man valiantly dissect the many and varied worries of the community, an act that will surely placate the players once and for all. You won’t be hearing a peep out of them again! What a hero.