Star Citizen ship size isn’t everything, says developer

In the latest Star Citizen Live Q&A session, developers Cloud Imperium give some information on Star Citizen ships and how smaller can sometimes be better

Star Citizen Ship Size Isn't Everything, Says Developer

Star Citizen ships can be quite the contentious subject – the digital space vessels are sold for real money in a game that has been in the Alpha stages of development for around 6 years, with some believing that throwing potentially thousands of dollars at a game with no set release date to be a foolish endeavor.

I personally think that you can spend your money however you want to, but am concerned that I will always be trumped in Star Citizen, no matter my expertise or time played, by someone with a bigger wallet and a bigger ship.

A recent Q&A with Star Citizen Developers has put some of my concerns at ease, thankfully. One specific part of the video tackles the issue of ship size, and how they see a player’s progression within their chosen profession. Is a large ship always the best thing for every given task? The developer says no… mostly:

“There are situations we envision in this game that we’re building where you might want two smaller things rather than two larger things.” He continues, “There will be situations designed to encourage the use of smaller, ‘lesser’, vehicles.”

The discussion is interesting, and it matches the ambition of the project as a whole, they don’t want to gate you or funnel you into anything specific. The aim of Star Citizen is to give you to tools to play how you want. “Nobody is going to stop you from buying an Orion as your first ship in-game, by yourself, and trying to run that.”

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It’s good to know that I’ll have some use, no matter the size of the ship I’m flying at the time. It would be a shame if the game eventually devolved into a pissing contest of ‘my capital ship’s bigger than yours.’ The appeal for me personally, with those battles, is to be the fighter weaving in and out of the huge fights, like an annoying little wasp, stinging without prejudice.

There still isn’t a full release date for Star Citizen, or Squadron 42, which will be ‘done when it’s done’, apparently, but there are Star Citizen updates periodically. I just can’t wait to sit back and retire into my new life as a space trucker, just cruising along the space highway avoiding eye contact with anyone I encounter.