Star Citizen’s 3.0 update has been delayed

Star Citizen derelicts

Originally due out in August, Star Citizen’s highly-anticipated 3.0 launch has a new launch window of September. Cloud Imperium Games say this is due to stability issues that need addressing before we can all seamlessly set down on procedural moons. 

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The delay was revealed in the latest production update and has since been addressed, following a negative fan response, by the appropriately nicknamed community manager Will “Soulcrusher” Leverett on the forums.

“The scope of 3.0 is not insignificant,” Leverett says. “It introduces a level of tech and infrastructure that’s an order of magnitude larger and more complex than all of our previous versions combined. There are thousands of new assets, millions of entities to manage, new UI, new features, multiple new backend services, etc. all being introduced in 3.0.”

Cloud Imperium showed off some of what’s coming in a recent Around the Verse video, and it sure did look impressive.

“Integrating all of this has revealed to be MUCH more of a bug fixing project than anticipated, which obviously reshapes those estimates and changes those dates,” he continues. “Hammering in a level of polish that we’ve not aimed for before requires an additional adjustment of dates.”

Leverett says there’s no malice in the delay, but the update has slowly increased in scope since its announcement, thus increasing the workload.