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Star Citizen cast video debuts Gillian Anderson as Captain Maclaren for Squadron 42 campaign

Gillian Anderson on set Star Citizen

What would you do with almost infinite resources to make your dream game? Hire nerdom’s favourite actors to all star in it would be part of my plan and, apparently, Chris Roberts’ too. A series of mini-docs were made during the filming of Squadron 42’s various mo-capped scenes, and the latest features Gillian Anderson of X-Files and Hannibal fame, among much more. Star Citizen’s single-player component is about as star studded as your average Hollywood red carpet and they’re not afriad to show it off.

Games are going to need a new final frontier with all these excellent space games flying around.

Look, the video is four minutes long, but all you really need to see is this gif of Anderson having a nice time in a spinning chair:

Gillian Anderson chair gif

But if you must have more, here’s the full thing, including surprise cameo by PCGN contributor Dan Griliopoulos as ‘background photographer’:

Those suits look like they couldn’t actually be designed to look any more ridiculous. We’ll often complain about awkward acting in games, but given the circumstances they’re sometimes made in, it’s incredible we get anything but a bunch of spluttering laughter anyway. What’s interesting here is everyone has actually been in the same room at the same time – that’s less common than you might think, most voice acting is done solo in a studio with just the voice director and whoever is in that day, then chopped together later.

Gary Oldman, Mark Strong and Mark Hamil will all be popping up in Squadron 42, along with a bunch of others. Last we heard a late-2016 release date was on the cards, but let’s not pretend that means anything. It’ll be done when it’s done and we can only hope it somehow lives up to the hype.