Star Citizen will have physically simulated alcohol that responds to a planet’s gravity

Star Citizen derelicts

We all know Star Citizen has ridiculous ambitions, but it’s becoming apparent just how deep its obsession with realism goes. In the latest Around the Verse video, there’s a minute segment dedicated to creating believable beverages. 

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While videogame water has looked amazing for a while now, drinks just never do. Wolfenstein: The New Order is probably the best we’ve seen, when you’re carrying drinks through a train carriage and the liquid is swilling around as you move. Star Citizen is taking this to the next level, though.

Not only will drinks react to a drinking NPC’s movements, but it will also register a planet’s gravity and behave accordingly. Now that’s attention to detail.

The video is actually mainly about derelict ships, which you can find in space and also on the procedural moons Cloud Imperium Games showed off in their last video. As you’d expect, there’s a similar obsession with the details here, too.

While moons are procedural, the team physically scouts out locations for points of interest using the editor, sweeping across a planet to find a canyon, a waterfall, of perhaps just a hill where the sun hits the ship just right.

From there, they make sure derelict ships are set up uniquely, and with a different purpose – some could now be jury-rigged homes for NPCs, another might be a bandit hideout, you might find one that’s still burning from a crash, or perhaps one is a trap. Whatever their purpose, each will have a story that you can parse with environmental clues.

Depending on the environment, they’ll have different shaders, too. If you land on a desert planet, expect these abandoned machines to be caked in sand, while wrecks on frozen planets will glisten in the snow. Have a watch above.