Star Citizen: Gary Oldman struggles to say his character’s name and compares Chris Roberts to George Lucas


Cloud Imperium Games have released a behind the scenes video interview with Gary Oldman, where he talks about his portrayal of Admiral Bishop and the full performance motion capture technique used for Star Citizen.

We’ve already seen the work that goes into translating the many actor’s performances into Star Citizenwhere they’re rendered in real time.

However, this is a more personal look into Oldman mind, what he thought of the technology and how he approached portraying his character. “He is a great leader, soldier, tactician – in the vein of General Patton, Montgomery or Alexander the Great,” says Oldman of his character, Admiral Bishop. Oldman used these inspirations as the basis for his character, then mixing in his own personality to make it his own.

Oldman admits in the video that he struggled to say his character’s name in scenes, resorting to calling him “Bishop” and adding the “Admiral” bit in an edit – there’s even video evidence, which is pretty funny.

As well as becoming tongue-tied, Oldman speaks candidly about how videogame capture acting has unique challenges when compared to film: much of the scene is coloured in the actor’s mind and they have to rely on crude props to visualise things.

Only recently did Oldman get to see a render of his alien enemy in the game, so there’s a good chance he hasn’t seen the renders of his contorted face that will no doubt be all over the internet in the coming weeks. Look forward to that, Gary.

Oldman also suggests Chris Roberts could become the George Lucas of videogames, so expect three good games out of him and three terrible ones. Have a watch of the insightful video below:

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