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Star Citizen Around the Verse video shows off the hulking Javelin capital ship

Star Citizen Javelin

A new Around the Verse video has released for Star Citizen, with a focus on showing off the massive UEE destroyer: the Javelin capital ship. You can see it, both inside and out, in the video above, from around the 12:20 mark. 

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The ship has three decks, and you get to have a peek at each one, seeing the massive engine core and even the leisure facilities, which include a game of air hockey.

You can also get some insight into new audio and lighting systems in the video, as well as a bit of chat about spacesuit punctures, oxygen recharging, and depressurisation.

The level of detail on literally everything is mind-boggling. There are even custom animations for trying to vault when your character is tired. It’ll be out some time before the heat death of the universe.