Star Citizen patch 2.5 has a pirate base hidden in an asteroid belt | PCGamesN

Star Citizen patch 2.5 has a pirate base hidden in an asteroid belt

Star Citizen

Star Citizen's latest patch is a pirate's paradise, adding in a grimy little hideaway for space sociopaths. There are also a few ships that have been declared flight ready, and you can now choose to land manually or automatically. 

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The GrimHex outlaw base is hidden in the Yela asteroid belt and you need to find its location yourself before visiting. Currently Grim HEX houses two shops: Skutters, a gun store with a focus on energy weapons, and KC Trending, a clothing store with unique merch.

Grim HEX will continue to expand with future patches with the addition of a bar, criminal missions and outlaw racing area.

As of this latest update, lawbreakers will now spawn (and respawn) at Grim HEX and will also no longer have Port Olisar as a Quantum Travel option, kicking off the game's faction and reputation system and strengthening its persistent world.

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Patch 2.5 also introduces the landing system, letting players set down automatically or manually to rearm and refuel their ships. Docking and obtaining landing permission will come in later updates.

There are also a bunch of new ships that have been declared flight ready, and you can check out the full roster on the official Star Citizen patch post.

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brmorgen82 avatarcayman_76 avatarMλXX [PA-D] (◕‿◕✿) avatarbshanZz avatarDallas_Multipass avatarprimal avatar+1
cayman_76 Avatar
1 Year ago

This project continues to impress. They are doing game development the right way: with quality gameplay in mind. Now that the basic mechanics are coming together to form the game, the 'content phase' can begin. The ridiculous conspirative 'criticism' this games gets from a few loudmouthed individuals is so easily disprovable - just give the current alpha version a try yourselves during a 'free flight week'. That's what did it for me. :-)

bshanZz Avatar
1 Year ago

Landing was already available since a long time, either manually or automatically.

brmorgen82 Avatar
1 Year ago

They're just starting to get the basic systems to work. This is at least 3 years from being a game. Chris Roberts has lied about the timeline, the money, and the crowdfunding.

A previous poster has documented Chris Robert's written and proven lies, I ask that you please come back and do that same in this thread, because I am being attacked from all angles.

MλXX [PA-D] (◕‿◕✿) Avatar

"I am being attacked from all angles."

Oh poor thing

Dallas_Multipass Avatar
1 Year ago

Thank you Derek... It's aways funny to read you.

primal Avatar
1 Year ago

i havnt read that list but what makes them lies? about the timeline well a big part of it comes from the increased money from the crowdfunding and a big under estimation of the complexity of doing something like this. No other game currently out does what SC is doing in one complete package.

the 2014 thing was for SQ42 and a PU beta but neither of them would be anything like the game is going to be now. They would be much smaller and far less complex and graphically less to.

When was the last time anybody pushed PC to its limits??? every game thats come out in the last few years has been downgraded from the E3 reveal because the consoles suck and they dont want the PC version to look that much better. Even on technical ability theyve been downgraded.

Star citizen is the ONLY game in development that is using the power of PC to advance a game on all levels. Sure UC4 may look good but its still technically as limited as all the uncharteds before it

Matso Avatar
1 Year ago

I can make a list for anyone and spin anything they said into a "lie" too. That doesnt make it so.

Unless you want it to be like that. Much like you.