Star Marine finally comes to Star Citizen with patch 2.6

Star Marine

After multiple delays and the mode almost disappearing off the face of the earth, the first person shooter module for Star Citizen, Star Marine, is finally coming in patch 2.6. With it initially scheduled to release back in 2015, this early version of Star Marine still has a long way to go, with it only having two modes and two maps at this time.

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Elimination is your standard free-for-all, where all marines battle it out to get the most kills, while Last Stand has teams of Outlaws and Marines fighting for control over four computer terminals to gain points for their team. There will be the ability to select specific marine loadouts and a global leaderboard to chart your progress on in the full version of Star Marine, but they will be unavailable in patch 2.6.

Star Marine is not the only major addition in patch 2.6, as this update sees multiple mission updates in the Crusader system, along with the new Pirate Swarm game mode for Arena Commander. Four new ship types are also available to buy and the health system has seen an update with the additional of bleeding, which requires pilots to stabilize the wounded area with a MediPen, to get rid of the debuff.

There is a whole raft of balance changes and bug fixes in this patch as well, which can be studied via this patch note post over on r/starcitizen. If you are on the PTU, you can download patch 2.6 now and begin testing, so the general release of this update should not be too far off. You can check out the developers over at Cloud Imperium Games playing through some of patch 2.6 in the video above.

There was actually a special Christmas livestream to celebrate the PTU launch of patch 2.6 but it has since been wiped from the Star Citizen’s YouTube channel, alongside an announcement trailer for 2.6. Let’s just say the stream was not up to the high standard one would expect from a developer like Cloud Imperium. You can see what Star Citizen fans thought of the stream in the video below.