Star Citizen’s funding heads into hyperdrive, surpasses $100 million


It might have hit its last stretch goal $35 million ago, but Star Citizen’s pace of funding isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon. 

We spoke with Cloud Imperium Games about Star Citizen’s ambition and intangible progress.

At the time of writing, Star Citizen has gathered $100,040,777 in funding, with1,087,196 backers putting their money behind the dream.

In 2014, Star Citizen actually earned more money from backers than all videogame Kickstarter campaigns combined. It’s impressive stuff.

While it might seem like a silly amount of money to develop a game, it’s in line with a lot of triple-A releases that don’t share the same boggling scope.

For example, Disney Infinity cost more than $100 million to develop (though presumably much of that is licensing), while console FPS Destiny reportedly cost $140 million (via Kotaku article on triple-A development cost figures).

Factor in Star Citizen’s all-star cast, and it could end up being one of the most expensive games of all time.