Star Citizen’s pace of funding has accelerated, and it’s powered by new backers

Star Citizen

Nothing can keep a sufficiently-propelled spaceship down. According to the income tracker on the Star Citizen site, and confirmed by Cloud Imperium, the mammoth space sim’s pace of funding has significantly increased in the past few months.

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A little less than four months ago, on June 10th, the site tracker showed that Cloud Imperium’s crowdfunding efforts had raised $85,006,128. Today, that total is $90,382,383 – some $5,376,255 more.

Star Citizen

Often it’s assumed that Star Citizen’s upward thrust is powered by existing backers splashing on increasingly lavish spaceship designs. But, as Quarter to Three forumite Juan Raigada points out, those last few months have seen more than 66.5K new arrivals – or ‘Citizens’, as Cloud Imperium dub them.

Star Citizen

That influx of new backers seems to be primarily responsible for a near-doubling of the company’s crowdfunding income of late. This despite the scrutiny the project is under – not least from Derek Smart, who is determined to set a legal precedent for future crowdfunding projects.

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