Tango-Foxtrot: watch Star Citizen’s Drake Cutlass ship waltz through danger in style

Star Citizen Drake Cutlass

Star Citizen has released another one of its commercials, this time showcasing the moves on the Drake Cutlass ‘jack of all trades’ ship. It’s versatile, slick and above all else, stylish. You can fit it for just about anything too: search and rescue, pirating, law enforcement and even salvaging.

You can check it out in action in the trailer below the break.

It really does seem that the Cutlass ship line-up is a ship for anyone and everyone. It comes in three flavours: black, red and blue. The black version is the base model, and more suited for salvaging or piracy. The red has onboard medical facilities, so it excels in search-and-rescue missions. Finally, the blue version packs a small punch with its increased firepower and tough armour, perfect for police and militia work.

Looks like I found my first ship for Star Citizen.