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Star Citizen update doubles server size, game still isn’t out yet

Star Citizen’s new update arrives today, adding more vehicles and missions, and servers that can host twice the players – but the space sim remains in alpha

Star Citizen update brings server size increase

Star Citizen update 3.17.2 launches today, introducing a host of changes to the ambitious, long-gestating space sim, including a new vehicle, extra missions and dynamic events, and servers that can now host twice the amount of players.

Previously, Star Citizen could carry 50 players to a server, but the new update doubles that amount to 100. It brings the space trading and combat sim closer to its original vision — a vast, populated galaxy where you could barter and fight with myriad other players — as well as adding greater opportunities for large-scale battles and races. Developer Cloud Imperium eventually wants to mesh Star Citizen’s servers together, creating a fully interconnected star system, and this is definitely brings the game closer to that goal.

The new update also introduces Siege of Orison, a new dynamic event, whereby players must eliminate a series of lieutenants from the Nine Tails faction before finally confronting the leader. The delivery and courier missions also have a new strand in the form of illegal deliveries, which offer greater rewards but with the increased risk of being confronted by security forces, or ambushed by rival crooks. As a countermeasure, the new Anvil Centurion is a ground-based anti-aircraft vehicle, and there are also some new, derelict outposts to explore if you fancy grabbing loot the safer way.

NPCs also have improved intelligence via the new planetary navigation system, which enables them to more smartly and effectively find their way around rough terrain, something which Cloud Imperium says “will serve as the foundation for future content planned for Star Citizen”.

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Even after ten years, Star Citizen has potential, but with the rapid updates to No Man’s Sky and Bethesda’s own space RPG Starfield on the way, it’s facing some extreme competition in the space-sim genre. You can find out more about Star Citizen, as well as some of its competitors, in our guide to the best space games.