Star Trek Online bids everyone a merry Q-mas

John de Lancie looks younger every year

Boldy going where it goes every year, Star Trek Online is getting all festive, inviting everyone to travel to Q’s Winter Wonderland to participate in winter-themed shenanigans for prizes and assorted goodies until 16th January, when Q will return to the Continuum to annoy his own people instead of us. 

While there’s plenty to do, from racing fellow members of the Federation and Klingon Empire to sampling gingerbread delights, the crown jewel in the Winter Wonderland event is the intimidating Breen Heavy Raider, a brand new ship you can flit around in, getting into all sorts of trouble. 

I got the Breen Warship last year, and I’m absolutely smitten with it. Lamentably, I won’t have time to get this new Breen vessel, so feel free to make me green with envy by boasting about your acquisition as I cry. Just like last year, you can get the ship by participating in the “Fastest Game on Ice” race, which is exceedingly easy. You can compete once daily, earning 40 Q autographs, and if you do it 25 times, you’ll earn your lovely new Heavy Raider.

Happy racing!