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Star Trek Online Season 8 invites Worf back on deck


Set your nerd dials to 11 folks, because Worf is back in Star Trek! Everyone’s favourite Klingon has returned to Star Trek to usher in the MMO’s Season 8: The Sphere serial. He’s even voiced by Michael Dorn for maximum The Next Generation authenticity. You can head out to the final frontier and witness the majesty of his bumpy head right now. 

Star Trek Online’s latest feature episode ‘Sphere of Influence’ is online now, and continues The Next Generation season 6 episode ‘Schisms’. You’ll be travelling with Worf to disover clues about the Sphere’s purpose. This will then lead into Season 8, which kicks off on November 12th.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce the release date of Season 8: The Sphere,” said Executive Producer, Daniel Stahl. “We continue to deliver free downloadable updates to the game and bring compelling new experiences to our players year after year. We’re also thrilled that Michael Dorn has reprised his role as Worf in not just our latest feature, but all of the previous Klingon episodes as well. Having another legendary Star Trek character lend their support for Star Trek Online shows our commitment to expand on the stories that make ‘Trek’ such a beloved franchise.”

If you’ve not joined the Federation yet, you need only join up (and gain a free torpedo launcher!) at the Star Trek Online website. No Kobayashi Maru test is required.