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Star Trek Online Season 9 gets a dose of Vulcan logic

Star Trek Online season 9

Cryptic’s four year old Star Trek MMO, Star Trek Online certainly has no dearth of content. In the last year or so it’s expanded greatly, with the addition of a separate Romulan campaign and a more fleshed out Klingon faction.

With Season 9 going live today, the galaxy has just got a bit bigger. The Undine (Species 8472) are threatening the galaxy, and captains will have to hop in their ships and report to Tuvok, with Tim Russ reprising his Vulcan role, at the Jenolan Dyson sphere to plan a coordinated effort against the shapeshifting bastards. 

A new featured episode, “Surface Tension”, sends captains into the Delta Quadrant to deal with the Undine, while several new space and ground events pit Starfleet and KDF forces against Undine invasion armadas and armies. Existing Borg and Undine missions have also been improved with new art and rewards along with general gameplay improvements.

A new reputation system allows max level captains to work towards new gear and abilities as part of the 8472 Counter-Command group, netting rewards by participating in fights against the aliens from fluidic space.

The kit system has been reworked, and now kits can have modules applied to them so captains can customise their loadout. Modules can be removed and swapped outside of battle, and it won’t cost anything to do that.

Earth Space Dock’s also had some work done to it, freshening the place up, probably after a Ferengi party or something. I bet they are messy.

Every time a new season starts, I end up reinstalling the game. It’s happening again. I don’t even remember doing it, but there it is, the launcher. Damn you, Star Trek.