Star Trek Online’s Iconian War is the climax of a 5 year story

Star Trek Online Iconian War

I’ve been taking a break from Star Trek Online, so the latest update passed me by when it launched a few days ago. It’s a big one, though, and the F2P MMO again threatens to swallow up my life faster than a hungry Klingon devouring a bowl of gagh. 

For five years, through different expansions and nine seasons, the Iconians have been threatening the galaxy. With the launch of season 10, the tension has reached a climax, resulting in the Iconian War.

The first two episodes of season 10 kick off the war, featuring cocky pilot Tom Paris and his part-Klingon daughter, Miral Paris. Starfleet, Romulan and Klingon captains can queue up for three events in the Iconian War, pitting them against the Iconians and their minions on ground and in space.

The first two queues are part of the same conflict, the battle for the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS, one in space and the other on the ground. The third queue is an assault on the Herald Sphere, a “gateway control hub” for Iconian Herald ships.

Along with the story content and big battles, there’s new gear that has been made specifically to help in the war against the Iconians, which you can get by earning Iconian Resistance reputation.

Season 10 also dramatically changes sector space. The 18 sector maps have been merged into 3 quadrant maps, meaning fewer loading screens and a greater sense of the massive scale of space.

This update is free for everyone.