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Star Wars 1313 trailer enters Uncharted depths


There’s definitely a rather different, distinctly un-Star Wars vibe to LucasArts’ latest. While the flashy cinematics are exactly what we’d expect from a space opera, the dialogue hints at a much grittier experience. “It gets a lot dirtier where we’re headed,” murmurs one character, and we bet he’s talking as much about morality as mud. As a spaceship uses an access shaft to slip below the surface of Coruscant, is it also sinking into the criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe?

Despite the claim that it’s a gameplay trailer, there’s not actually a great deal of that on show at all. There’s a few glimpses of what look a lot like a cover-based shooter hinted at between the explosions and the beefy guys in combat suits, but this is really only meant to whet our appetites for what LucasArts say is going to be a much more mature take on George’s universe, emphasised by its expected 18 rating.