Battlefront 2 gets a Titan-like game mode, and EA admits the initial launch “did not go as planned”

The roadmap for 2019 says a new game mode is coming in February, and it sure sounds a lot like Titan.

The new 2019 roadmap for Star Wars Battlefront II includes a new multiplayer mode that involves “capture points and capital ship takedowns,” and it’ll be coming to the game in February.

In a recent post to the official website, Battefront II’s developers look back at 2018 and ahead to 2019, sharing a few thoughts on how the game has developed since its launch in late 2017.

As many readers will recall, Battlefront II’s launch was accompanied by a major backlash against what many players felt was an unfair and mercenary loot box-based progression system. The monetization system that arrived with the game at launch was obnoxious enough to weigh heavily into our Star Wars Battlefront II review score of 6/10.

“The launch did not go as planned,” the developers write in their post. “With the understandable frustration around progression in the game, a decision to change the initial Crate system was made.”

In March, Battlefront II’s new monetization system arrived, keeping game progression completely separate from microtransactions. It was a crucial improvement, turning Battlefront II into a surprisingly generous game.

In the coming year, EA plans to continue to develop Battlefront II. In January, DICE says it’s adding Count Dooku and the Coruscant Guard clone trooper appearances, and Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion are due to show up in February.

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But February’s content drop also includes capital ship interiors for the Venator-class Destroyer and Dreadnaught, designed specifically for a new game mode. Details on EA’s Battlefront II roadmap are sparse, but the new mode has “capture points and capital ship takedowns,” which sounds an awful lot like the Titan mode that leaks revealed earlier this month. As we noted, this all fits neatly with hints Battlefront II’s design director, Dennis Brannvell, provided at E3 this year.

Battlefront II’s launch may have soured many players enough to put them off the game for good, but EA/DICE have certainly worked hard to pull it back from the brink.