Star Wars Battlefront trailer shows off new gameplay, Boba Fett flames dudes


Princess Leia calling in some sort of magic deflector shield. Darth Vader floating around Endor like a super murderous Mary Poppins. Boba Fett barbecuing every Rebel in sight with his badass flamethrower arm. If you weren’t excited about Star Wars Battlefront before, you certainly should be after the latest batch of fresh gameplay footage.

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Some enterprising individual snipped that together using videos from EA’s rather spiffy new ‘Planets Experience’ site, which gives you a beautifully animated virtual tour of Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and the molten rock-loving Sullust.

The whole thing looks like it costs more to make than what’s currently sitting in Scrooge McDuck’s checking account, but it really is worth seeing for yourself. So if the trailer above gets pulled, you can watch all the original action on EA’s official Star Wars site… even if the gameplay snippets are overly hidden away in little pull-out menus.

I’m obscenely excited about the game’s Heroes and Villains system, though I’ll probably change my mind once I’ve been Force choked to oblivion by Vader 17 times in one match. Even the slightly dodgy replacement voice actors they’ve got in don’t bother me that much. A borked James Earl Jones impression is a small price to pay when you can zap little alien men with the Emperor’s lightning hands.

Star Wars Battlefront hits PC on Nov 17th. This is going to be one Force-filled Christmas.