Star Wars Battlefront 2’s story will be “essential,” according to LucasFilm

Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign

As part of Disney’s D23 event this weekend, EA have unveiled a new behind-the-story peek at Star Wars: Battlefront II.

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While 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront focused solely on multiplayer action, this new video demonstrates how the team behind Battlefront 2 are working on the single-player campaign. It includes revealing interviews with the developers, writers, and cast.

While a Reddit thread recently leaked details of what playable heroes will be available, this video also gives an insight into the new campaign storyline, which follows Iden Versio, an Empiricist, and what happened to the Empire after Return of the Jedi. There’s also a whole bunch of concept art, environments, and in-game action, too – check it out above.

“The story of Battlefront II is absolutely an essential story,” Steve Blank, creative executive at LucasFilms, says.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will release on November 17, 2017. If you’re on the fence about it, check out the open beta this October.