Lando Calrissian and Cloud City join Star Wars Battlefront in the Bespin expansion this June


Cloud City’s famous backstabber is making his Star Wars Battlefront debut this June as part of the Bespin expansion, along with some bounty hunter called Dengar, whoever that is. These two heroes will be joined by a bunch of other new stuff. 

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As well as getting your hands on the two new characters in this Season Pass content, you’ll be able to fight across four new maps in and around Cloud City, from massive battles with AT-ATs to snaking dogfights around the floating structures.

There will also be new blasters, Star Cards, a new game mode, and a carbonite chamber to visit, so probably don’t use Han Solo.

It’s not all about the Season Pass, though, as there are more freebies planned, including new in-game events – with some extra special ones planned for May the 4th, of course – new Hutt Contracts and some surprises, one of which will be another option to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront offline.

For those of you who get excited at the prospect of playing as other minor Star Wars characters, there are two more heroes to come in both the Death Star expansion and the yet-to-be-revealed fourth expansion pack.