Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage shows orbital battles over prequel Coruscant

Star Wars Battlefront 3

The third Star Wars Battlefront game may be out this November, but it’s not the true third game in the series. That title belongs to Battlefront 3, which was in production at Free Radical Design before being cancelled 2008. Plenty of Star Wars fans were looking forward to it’s hopefully ambitious design, but sadly it never saw the light of day.

Battlefront 3 will never make it onto our Best Star Wars Games on PC list, but we’d like to think if it had released it would be in the top spot.

Until now. Thanks to Past to Present Online, a website dedicated to preserving prototypes of games, you can now see Battlefront 3 in action.

This is previously unseen PC footage shows a battle over the prequel-era Coruscant. It looks like an entirely air-based skirmish, with the player’s Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor soaring around between sky level and orbit, among much larger ships. It all seems quite exciting.

Unfortunately due to YouTube copyright rules there’s no sound, but feel free to add your own pew pew noises when the laser fire kicks off.

Is this the Star Wars Battlefront game you really wanted to see? Or are you thrilled with DICE’s direction for the series reboot?

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