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Star Wars: Battlefront beta awakens on October 8


Soon you’ll be able shoot the guns, fly the things and swing the glow stick swords from all the Star Wars films, because the open beta is running from October 8 to October 12. October the 8th be with you.

Obviously the beta’s main purpose is to test things so there might be some technical issues, but you’ll be able to experience three modes from the upcoming blaster during the four day period.

The first is Walker Assault, a 40-player battle where the Rebels try to stop AT-ATs with their Y-wing bombers and the Empire tries to do the opposite. This takes place on the icy tundra of Hoth, where hot blaster fire contrasts against death’s snowy embrace.

Drop Zone on Sullust sees players fighting for control over crashing escape pods in tighter 8v8 matches. And lastly there’s Survival Mission on Tatooine, which has you holding off waves of AI-controlled Imperial forces, AT-STs, TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers and more, alone or with a padawan.

You’ll be able to find the beta on Origin – it will be under the Demo & Betas section of the Origin store.