Star Wars Battlefront now looks better than real life thanks to Toddyhancer mod


Star Wars Battlefront has some graphics. Hell, Star Wars Battlefront has ALL the graphics. DICE may have just released a incredible technical tour de force, but that doesn’t mean some seriously talented modder can’t come along and immediately make the Swedish studio’s already sumptuous work even better looking.

Some sort of Force is strong with Battlefront. That’s also the case with the best Star Wars PC games.

Enter Reddit’s Toddyftw – or Martin Bergman to people who don’t exist solely on the internet. This graphics wizard is fresh from making GTA V even more eyeball-arousing courtesy of his Toddyhancer mod:

Now he’s brought his flare for whisking up incredible lighting effects to Battlefront, with a host of spectacularimgur shots from his new Star Wars mod:

Bergman has posted close to 100 screens if you want to treat your pupils to a truly massive fix of Stormtrooper-sponsored beauty. Though the Toddyhancer Battlefront mod won’t be released to the public until a later date, Martin has already admitted it will have a significant impact on the game’s performance – unless you have an insano rig, dips to 30-40 fps will be likely. Never say beauty doesn’t come at a cost.

The vanilla game actually runs very well, as you’ll find out in our Star Wars Battlefront PC port review.