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Star Wars Battlefront rumours suggest huge campaign and saga-spanning multiplayer

Star Wars Battlefront concept art and map details

DICE are holding onto the secrets of their Star Wars Battlefront development tighter than Darth Vader grips throats, but an information leak may be our first real glimpse into what’s going on behind the bulkhead doors. Fan site Making Star Wars – better known for normally reliable film news – has grabbed some information and published it. 

If the information proves right, Battlefront is huge: spanning from the days of the Clone Wars, through the years of Imperial reign, past the Battle of Endor, and right up to the doorstep of the upcoming seventh film: The Force Awakens. 

Making Star Wars reports that the multiplayer will fit into the Battlefield frame, with 64-player battles. Some modes will feature massive scope, with battles stretching from the land and up into space. There will also be some kind of hero system, which will allow players to take on the role of the series’ most iconic characters after reaching a certain point level.

The campaign will be mostly focused on the original trilogy, but span the prequel films too. The final section will then act as a prologue to The Force Awakened.

Playable factions will be The Old Republic, the Rebellion, and the Republic for the ‘goodies’, whilst ‘baddies’ can play as Separatists and the Empire.

There’s likely to be a Battlefront Premium or something of the like, with five DLC packs planned, containing new maps and characters from the new film.

It’s all rumour right now, but by the Force it’s a good one. EA have said that the next set of official Battlefront news tidbits will be released into the wild in the spring, so hopefully we’ll see some overlap between that and these rumours.

Thanks, VG247.