Star Wars Battlefront Toddyhancer mod adds awesome “Real Life” graphics

Star Wars Battlefront SweetFX Real Life

Last month we heard news that Toddyftw – aka graphics whizz Martin Bergman – was working on a mod for Star Wars Battlefront. He’d already released some impressive-looking screens, but as with any graphics mod, the proof is all in the motion. That motion is now here courtesy of a showcase reel of 4K 60fps video, filled with stunning graphics.

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Uploaded by YouTuber Jackfrags, the video demonstrates the SweetFX Real Life mod in action across various modes on Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor. Battlefront is already a stunning-looking game in its vanilla form, but you can see a solid improvement here, especially in terms of vibrancy of the world.

Bergman has offered no target date for when he hopes the mod to be finished by, but hopefully we’ll be able to apply this to our own copies of Battlefront in 2016.

Thanks, Gamespot.