Star Wars Battlefront will not support private matches “at launch”

Star Wars Battlefront no private matches

Should you wish to have a private game of shooty bang-bang with a few mates, Star Wars Battlefront is not for you. The matchmaking system automatically sorts you into games, and there’s no way to create your own private game with password lock. 

However, EA being as vague and cryptic as they can be, has stated that this will be the case “at launch”. But what about after launch, EA? Does that mean private matches are coming post-release? 

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The quote comes from the EA Star Wars Twitter account, who replied to a question regarding the presence of private games.

The account goes on to explain that you can party up with eight other players, which means you could effectively flood one of the smaller matches and make it sort-of mostly just you and your friends. Of course, this isn’t going to happen in the 40-player Walker Assault modes.

The more features the better, and DICE isn’t exactly adverse to adding new elements to games over time, as proven by the extensive support for Battlefield 4. Hopefully Private Matches are not out the question.

Thanks, Gamezone.