Star Wars Battlefront will steal 27GB of your hard drive

star wars battlefront pgw leia boba fett

After we all played the beta of Star Wars Battlefront, it wasn’t hard to guess that it would be a heavy game when it comes to install sizes. Not only are its maps sizable with plenty of things going on, the graphical quality of everything is exceptionally shiny, and hi-res textures ain’t small. As a result, the Origin install size for Star Wars Battlefront is 27GB. 

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All major games tend to be in excess of 20GB these days anyway, and DICE’s Battlefield series has a long history of huge install sizes, so this probably comes of no surprise to any of you. You do know how much space to clear on your SSD now, though. Although if you’re also playing Fallout 4, you should probably make the one with all the loading screens at every door a SSD priority.

If you’re still looking to prepare your PC for the Star Wars Battlefront release date of November 19th, then check your system meets the game’s reccomended specs.