Star Wars Battlefront won’t explore The Force Awakens in DLC

star wars battlefront force awakens dlc

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, chances are you’ve seen the glory that is The Force Awakens, and now wish you could be part of its great battle scenes. If your hope was that you could dive into Episode 7’s action in a future Star Wars Battlefront DLC, we’ve got bad news: EA aren’t going there.

If you want to explore any part of the Star Wars galaxy that’s not The Force Awakens, give one of the best Star Wars games on PC a try.

The Battle of Jakku DLC is the closest we’ll ever come to it, but while Jakku is a planet from the new film, the battle is set just after Return of the Jedi and so involves the Empire and original trilogy-era weapons and armour. EA had announced that new weapons, vehicles, heroes and villains would be added in four DLC packs over the coming months, but First Order blasters apparently won’t be part of that.

The clarification comes in a tweet from the EA Star Wars account, which simply states that Battlefront is set during the original trilogy.

If nothing else, this does mean you can wipe your brow of nervous sweat: we won’t be forced to relive the prequel trilogy either.

Thanks, PC Gamer.